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Pathways to Health for All – Working Group Report to the NIDDK Advisory Council

Excerpt from the Executive Summary of Pathways to Health for All:  

“NIDDK conducts and supports research to improve health and quality of life for people with diabetes and other endocrine and metabolic disorders; liver, intestinal, and other digestive diseases; obesity; nutritional disorders; and kidney, urologic, and hematologic diseases. Many of these diseases and conditions disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minority populations and others who are medically underserved or marginalized.  Health equity means that people of all backgrounds and ages have fair and just opportunities to live long, healthy, productive lives. The social and structural drivers of health disparities operate in multiple sectors and at levels beyond NIDDK’s traditional scope, but research can make a valuable contribution toward advancing health equity.

Pathways to Health for All is a report from the Health Disparities and Health Equity Working Group to the NIDDK Advisory Council that presents recommendations for high-impact opportunities and equity-focused principles to advance the Institute’s mission. These recommendations complement the NIDDK Strategic Plan for Research to pursue pathways to health for all.”  

This report has direct relevance to PIKO’s work to foster research aimed at improving the health of Indigenous Pacific People (IPP, defined as Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and Filipinos).  Please share this report with others who share this interest with us.


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Pathways to Health for All Report

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