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PIKO PDC – Peoples and Cultures of Hawaii Resource Collection

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Module 2: Filipinos

This module is a collection of Filipino historical, cultural, and health resources for PIKO researchers and community partners.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide a foundation of Filipino historical, cultural, and health context for research.
  2. Describe the Filipino peoples and way of life through ‘native voices’.
  3. Appreciate Filipino history and culture through the lens of experts.

Definition of Filipinos:

A native or inhabitant of the Philippines; A person of Filipino ancestry (the Free Dictionary)

Tagalog English Dictionary
Ilocano Dictionary
Cebuano Dictionary

Media Resources & Brief Description: People & Cultures

The Philippines: History, Geography, Economy & Culture
[Youtube video on the history, geography, economy, & culture of the Philippines]

History of the Philippines
[Youtube video on the history of the Philippines]

Filipino Culture in Hawaii
[Youtube video on the Filipino immigrants to Hawaii]

Filipino American Story Since 1587
[Youtube video of Filipino-Americans in the US since 1587]

 Library of Congress – Filipino Americans in US
[Filipino-American culture and history]

Media Resources & Brief Description: Health

Filipino American Health
[Stanford Medicine: Ethnogeriatrics on Filipino Americans and Health]

Hawaii Health Matters – Filipino Population
[Statistics on Filipinos in Hawaii]

Library: Publications from the  UHM Center for Philippine Studies

The Filipino Century Beyond Hawaii: A Reportby Belinda A. Aquino and Federico V. Magdalena
[The Filipino experience over the past 100 years in Hawaii]

The Visayans in Hawaii, by Serafin Colmenares, Jr.
[Visayans in Hawaii]

Plantation Legacy in Hawaii, by Helen Nagtalon-Miller
[Plantation life in Hawaii for the Filipinos]

Library: Publications from Other Sources

A Brief History of Filipinos in Hawaii
[History of Filipinos in Hawaii since 1906]

Photographic odyssey is tribute to first Filipino migrants in Hawaii
[The history of the first Filipino migrants to Hawaii were the Ilocanos]

Filipinos in the US
[Migration of Filipinos to US]

Filipino Immigrants in the US
[Migration of Filipinos to US – Waves]

Filipinos in the US Fact Sheet
[Factsheet on Filipinos in US, 2000-2019, Pew Center]

Filipino Culture USA
[Ways to connect with Filipino Culture in US]


Ramos, J. (2021). Halo-Halo: A poetic mix of culture, history, identity, revelation, and revolution. Maryland:New Degree Press
[Halo Halo is a Filipino treat. Travel with Ramos on the path toward cultural rediscovery and reconnection.]

Colin-Jones, G, Colin-Jones, Y., & Mojarro, J. (2021). Philippines: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture. London: Duperard.
[Inside story of this unique and attractive culture and the daily lives of the Filipinos]

No Author. (2021). History of the Philippines. Canada: Captivating History. [History of the Philippines from the origin of the archipelago until modern times]

Bautista, V. (1998). The Filipino Americans from 1763 to the Present: Their history, culture, and traditions. England: Bookhaus.
[The Filipino American experience in the US and their contribution to American culture and history]

Contributions of PIKO Faculty:

Guerrero, A.P.S, Bayola, R., & Ona, C. (2011). The Filipinos. In J.F. McDermott & N.N. Andrade (eds.). People and cultures of Hawai’i: The evolution of culture and ethnicity. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press.
[Niche in understanding the history of 15 different ethnic groups in Hawaii]

Acknowledgements: PIKO supported by grant number U54GM138062, from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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