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National Institute of General Medical Sciences
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Hawai‘i Journal of Health & Social Welfare

Hawai‘i Single-Race Categorization Tool
The Hawai‘i Single-Race Categorization Tool is a user-friendly research tool to obtain the age and gender distributions of single-race estimates for common racial groups in Hawai‘i. It presents results in tabular and graphic formats, stratified by age and gender, and allows the categorization of partial Hawaiians as Hawaiians in the population estimation.

UH Bioinformatics Core March Workshops

Day 1: This workshop, titled “Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)” introduces to the audience the background of cloud computing and its relationship with biomedical research. The audience was offered CloudLab accounts to experience the basic services of GCP and a brief introduction of the sandbox learning modules developed by NIGMS.

Day 2: This workshop titled “R Programming for Data Science” provides hands-on exercises using R programming in a Jupyter Notebook on Google Cloud. Also, included are data science components like exploratory data analysis and machine learning with the K-NN algorithm.

Day 3: This workshop titled “Fundamental Bioinformatics Using Command-line” provides hands-on exercises utilizing Linux commands within a Jupyter Notebook on Google Cloud. Also included are exploration of standard genomics file formats such as FASTA, FASTQ, and GTF/GFF.  Learn to install and run essential bioinformatics software tools in the command line.

Day 4: This workshop, titled “DNA methylation data analysis”, introduces DNA methylation and the whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) as a common strategy to measure it. Hands-on practice was offered to use one of the NIGMS sandbox learning modules to preprocess and down-stream analysis of WGBS data in the environment of GCP Vertex AI notebook.

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